Ceramics Organizing Committee

Irena Žmak

Associate Professor
University of Zagreb , Croatia

Biography: Irena Žmak graduated Mechanical Engineering and completed Master’s ReadMore...

Research Interest: Artificial Neural Network Modelling of Material Properties a ReadMore...

Xiaojian Mao

Associate Professor
Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Biography: Dr. Xiaojian Mao is an associate professor at Shanghai Institute of Ce ReadMore...

Research Interest: Transparent ceramics, Ceramic Processing, Infrared Materials

Jesus Ma. Rincon

Head of the Glass- Ceramics Laboratory
Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Sciences

Biography: Prof. Dr. J. Ma. Rincón is a Senior Research Professor (Profesor de I ReadMore...

Research Interest: new glass-ceramics for coatings and recycling of industrial ReadMore...

Piedad N de Aza

Head- Materials Science, Optic and Electronic Technology
Miguel Hernandez de Elche University

Biography: Piedad N de Aza studied Chemistry at the Autonoma University of Madrid ReadMore...

Research Interest: Design and developing new polycrystalline biomaterials with ReadMore...

Frederic Aguesse

Associate Researcher
CIC Energigune

Biography: Dr Frédéric Aguesse received his PhD degree from Imperial College Lo ReadMore...

Research Interest: Functional materials, Thin films

Ester Barrachina Albert

Universitat Jaume I

Biography: R&D Responsible in Minera Sabater S. L. (2000-2004), dedicated to the ReadMore...

Research Interest: New glass-ceramics and ceramics from recycled industrial res ReadMore...

Maximina Romero

Scientific Researcher
Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Sciences

Biography: Maximina Romero (Ph.D, Scientific Researcher at the Spanish National R ReadMore...

Research Interest: compositional design, processing and characterization of fri ReadMore...

Hicham Fenniri

Northeastern University

Biography: Dr. Fenniri was educated at the Université de Strasbourg, France, rec ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nanotechnology for biomedical applications, nanoscale materi ReadMore...

Oleg L. Figovsky

INRC Polymate

Biography: Prof. Oleg Figovsky is the founder and R&D the Polymate Ltd. - Interna ReadMore...

Research Interest: Advanced composite materials based on polymer & silicate bin ReadMore...